Tips For Laundry Stain Removal - What Really Works

05 May

The idea sounded like a simple task, write an article about tips for stain removal. No problem, I would research multiple reference web pages for the prevailing opinions on how to remove laundry stains, write the customary methods in my own words and distribute my findings. The problem was that there was no consensus on what would work. Some suggestions sounded like we have been making salad dressing, "use white vinegar" then elsewhere I read "sprinkle on salt to absorb the dissolved. " Who was right? What would really work?

I branched out from online research to experimentation. Here is what I know certain:

If a soiled item is not washable or is expensive to replace, take it to a reputable dry cleaner to remove that stain as soon as possible. They have chemicals to treat stains that the normal household does not have access to.

For washable fabrics, here is what previously worked for me. I took a cotton multi-colored piece of cloth and put four inch streaks of foundation cosmetic foundation, black waterproof mascara, and coral colored lipstick. I tried using rubbing alcohol first and then a well-known solvent type of cleaner that actually claimed to work on lipstick and had little success. I then tried my normal laundry pre-wash stain remover that contains surfactants and enzymes but no phosphates. Next, I poured my typical brand of liquid laundry detergent, which again contained surfactants and enzymes but no phosphates, on the stains. And finally, I lightly scrubbed the fabric with a paste of my laundry detergent and Borax and was able to take away all of the stains.

For my next test, I used mustard and ketchup on some older articles with clothing in nylon and cotton. I smeared large globs of condiments into each item and allow it to needlessly set for half an hour. After rinsing I repeated my previous steps of stain removal. This time the results are not as spectacular, though the ketchup was almost entirely gone, the mustard was still very apparent. I washed the items in cold water and followed up by hand washing with liquid laundry detergent and chlorine harsh detergents. The ketchup stain completely vanished but the nylon item still had a shadow of mustard. Still, As i felt it was successful.

Bottom line, to get out tough stains buy laundry pre-wash and detergent formulas that have surfactants and enzymes as they do a great job of stain removal when teamed up with Borax or chlorine chlorine bleach. One word of caution, never mix chlorine bleach with any product other than regular laundry detergent. A great improper mixture can cause lethal toxic fumes.

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